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Thank you to all my clients who have chosen me for their senior photography. Each of these photos were taken as examples from each client's senior shoot. The theme, location, and style of photos for each were usually a collaboration between the student, sometimes the parent and myself. I suggest various locations, depending on the scenery the client would like.

Here are some trends I've seen over the years with grads. None of these are set in stone and are just road markers for your decisions.

***Every UTEP grad has chosen to shoot on the UTEP campus. UTEP has been photographer friendly and has never given me any restrictions. Most seniors prefer at least one shot in front of their building.

***Most athletes prefer their own campus. Please advise administration and security if you would want to shoot on your high school campus.

***Most senior high school girls go to their school's prom dance. Along with the cap and gown, most of my clients have brought their prom dress, along with something either informal, or business casual.

*** Male college graduates should bring a change of clothes that is business formal, jacket and tie. High school grad boys should have at least one series of photos in a tie (preferably in some kind of school colors). Aaron wore a white shirt with a red tie, for Socorro High. JoJo wore a red shirt with a black tie.

*** Bringing the cap and gown is completely optional to the clients, but most Moms prefer it, of course. Ryan and Samantha didn't bring the combination, preferring, with their parent's blessing, to only showcase their own style instead.

***If the student was in extracurricular activities, like sports or band, it is usually not necessary to bring their entire outfit. Usually, we can imply their activity by having one or two items in the photo. Devany brought her cheerleader pom-poms to hold in her formal photos. Melisa brought her trumpet, and JoJo brought his helmet and a football to hold during the formal photos.

***The location does not have to do anything with the school or activity. Ryan, a Montwood band and choir student, chose to shoot in Tornillo to get the country feel she wanted. Karrissa, an El Dorado athlete, chose to shoot in downtown to get a metro styled background. Melissa (Hanks band) and Emily (Parkland dance) chose to shoot at McKelligon for the scenery.

***My normal shoot is based on time, not the amount of people. If Mom and Dad, or bf / gf, or little sisters/brothers wish to be in on the photos, that is not a problem. Anahi and Marcella chose to split the time and cost of the shoot.

***Many times, the style of photos are dependent on the "model". Victoria and Jasmine were both fearless and completely into the "model shoot" mood I try to create, their photos were creative and varied in style. Aaron refused to smile and I did not try to make him do otherwise, which created very formal photos, which he wanted.

Feel free to comment or communicate with me to set up your shoot however you envision it.

Savannah, Canutillo 2014Jacob, UTEP 2015Olivia, NMSU 2018Tianna, Chapin 2016Leslie, Riverside 2014Michael,  Ysleta 2017Grisel: UTEP 2016Aaron, Riverside 2017Jennifer: Ysleta 2015Ryan, Montwood 2013Jazmin, Bel Air 2014Emily, Riverside 2012Jasmin, RHS 2014Savannah, Canutillo 2014Belen and Vanessa: UTEP 2015Norma: Socorro 2016Anahi, UTEP 2014Jazmin, Bel Air 2014Emily, NMSU 2017