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Welcome to Ms. Gloria Hoyos' birthday party gallery. Please browse through to enjoy her special night.

If necessary, these photos are for sale in various mediums by clicking on the "Buy" button in the upper right hand corner. Please take care to go through the "edit" function to get the product formatted to your product. (I have no control over these orders as they are fulfilled by the host company, not me.)

I will be out on vacation through March 8th. If you are in town, you may visit me at my shop inside Xicali Imports, 7824 North Loop, to look through the photos and have me format whatever you wish.

Thank you, and thank you to Ms. Gloria, my 6th grade teacher and still an inspiration. Quote of the night by her, which very much matches my own: I never take myself too seriously. Why? Nobody else does!


As I edited these photos, I noticed that in most, Ms. Gloria is laughing, or smiling, or reaching for someone. Her laugh is not meek, polite, quiet but full, loud and almost brazen. Love it!