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Hi Eagle Cheer!

Here are the best photos from your two shoots. If you go with a normal package like from the flyers your coach gave you, then you will receive the shots as shown from #52 thru #75, with the team photo being shot #1, wallets being the shot we took on the pillar. I chose these because they came out the clearest and sharpest, which makes it easiest for me to edit later. I also uploaded the best of the fun shots we took.
IF YOU NEED FOR YOUR PACKAGE to be something different, you need to be very specific in your order. You can tell me, for example, that your 8x10 needs to be #whatever with the inset (the small photo inside the big one) to be #whatever.
If you'd like extras of any shot, these are the prices:

An extra set of 10 wallets of the same shot: $5
extra 5x7: $5
8x10: $8
small poster 16x20: $25
large poster 20x30: $50

I can also "collage" a poster so you can include some of the fun shots together in one poster, like the very last one that should be an example I made with Liliana's photos. Again, you need to be very specific on what you want. This style is an extra $5 per poster since it takes a little more work to put together.

If you believe you want something more complicated or special, you can always come down to my shop inside Xicali Imports, 7824 North Loop just west of Yarbrough so we can make exactly what you need. Please call or text before you come to be sure Ill be there (I'm in and out of the office alot).

SENIORS: If you'd like to see how I've done Senior photos (instead of the generic stuff from the mall) type in "2012" into the search engine at the bottom of my front page or at the top right hand corner of this page to see how I shot last semester's high school and college grads.