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Thank you to Michelle for inviting me to your dinner :) and thank you to all the people who posed for me!

The following are the best shots from Saturday night. You may purchase these photos as prints at any time from this website. Simply click on "buy", follow the instructions, and the print company can send your photos direct to your door. If you purchase the photos this way, please be sure to go thru a full "Edit" function to ensure the size/look of each photo.

OR: in East El Paso, you can usually find me in my shop inside Xicali Imports, 7824 N. Loop. You can call, text to my phone # or email me at with your order. You may also instruct me to write your names, or "Merry Christmas" or whatever you need. All orders may be picked up at the shop.

Prices for in-store prints:
set of 10 wallets = $5
5"x7"= $5
8x10" = $10
set of 10 4"x6" prints (of the same # photo, for Xmas cards): $20
16x20" poster = $30
(larger sizes available upon request)

Just let me know the # of the photo and what size you'd like it in. I can usually have your order ready within 48 hours or less.

Thank you,