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Welcome to Ethelle's Quinceanera gallery. If there are any photographs you wish to purchase, you may do so by one of two methods. You may buy them online by clicking "Buy" and following the website's directions. I am not responsible for your purchase if you go through the website.

OR: you may click "Contact" to send me an email with your order. In your order please include your name, phone number, and address. I should be able to print your order within two business days. Please include sizes of the prints you'd like and any edits you'd like.

Prices: wallets size:
10 for $5
5x7: $5
8x10: $10
16x20 poster: $30

You may also visit me at Xicali Imports (7824 N. Loop) most weekdays from 2-6 pm most weekdays (email to make an appointment) if you would like to see all the photos with/without edits. You may also pick up the orders here.

If you have any questions about this gallery, my services, or any of the other photos on this website, feel free to drop me an email or visit me at Xicali Imports.