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Thank you for visiting Dustin & Katheryn's Wedding gallery. These are the final edits to the best of the photos taken that day.

If you're in the El Paso area, any orders can go directly through me, just come by my shop, located inside Xicali Imports, 7824 North Loop.

If you are out of town, just click on "buy" and PLEASE go thru the editing process as most photos are not to any standard size. If you don't edit every picture you buy, the website may edit at it's convenience, not according to what looks good. I can't guarantee anything bought through the website as the orders do not get passed by me at all.

When you do decide to buy through the website, please take care to go through the "edit" function so each print you buy will be "cut" as you wish it to look.

For best viewing, double click on a photo and the screen to open up the slideshow view. To best navigate thru the photos, click on "show all" at the bottom of the first page.

Thank you,