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Thank you to all the people that allowed me to take your photograph this weekend especially The Lady Cats Softball team, The EP Mission Trail Association, the Mission Riders MC, and the Desperados des San Eli. Please look through the whole gallery as I did not load the pics in any order and there may be a different variation of your pic. If, for whatever reason, you wish for me to delete your pic, please e-mail me asap.

If you would like to buy your photo or any other of the photographic products we offer, you can do so through this site. If you would simply like a standard print, e-mail the print size and # of the pic you would like (4x6 $4, 5x7 $5, 8x10 $10, a set of 20 wallet size $20) $20 minimum order.

If you would like your own photo-shoot for any reason (private party, confirmation, small event or sports game), e-mail the date, details, and your phone # to: