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Any of these can be bought through this website or click on "Contact" above to send me your order.

If you wish for me to make your prints, send me an order with your name, phone number, the photo's number of each photo you wish to print, the size of each photo (from wallet sizes to 20x30 posters), and how many of each photo you'd like to have. I can usually have your order within 1 or 2 working days.

Price list:
10 wallets: $5
5x7: $5
8x10: $10
16x20 poster: $30
20x30 poster: $70

If you'd like any edits (black/white, lettering, cropping), please list them in your email.

I am usually at Xicali Imports (7824 N. Loop) most weekdays from 3-6 (or call for appointment: 276-2407). You may view all the photos there and pick up any orders there as well.

Thank you,

Guestbook for Dora's Easter Party
Rick, how about the pictures you took of my husband, son, daughter,me and grandson by the waterfall, and my son with grandma, and me and my son?
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