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******Note to Parents. Please read the following instructions and look over the photos before you come, please.*******

Welcome to the Renegade Football gallery.

There are individual photos followed by action photos, then the older boys individual photos followed by the action photos. Please look through all of the photos as they are in no specific order.

As per my agreement with Mr. Vic and the other coaches, I will not be organizing pre-made "packets". Instead, with this gallery, you will be able to view the photos that you wish to purchase and only purchase exactly what you want, when you want. The following are the sizes of prints that I make, followed by prices I normally charge, followed by the group discounted price per photo for your group.

20"x30" posters (like the wedding poster I took on Thursday) = $70 Renegade price = $50
16x20" posters (about half the size of the poster) = $30 Renegade price = $20
8x10" prints = $10 Renegade price =$7
5x7" prints= $5 Renegade price = $4
wallet size prints = 10 for $5

Lettering (the kid's name, nickname and/or number) always free.
Spot color effect (like on photo #3): $10 extra per photo

For example: if your child is the one in photo #2 and you'd like that as a small poster ($20), plus photo #1 for your son's room ($7), a team photo #10 as a 5x7 ($4), and the individual as a set of wallet size ($5)=$36 (what Mr. Vic told me a normal packet used to be). OR if all you want is a photo #5 as a typical 8x10 ($7) and the individual as a set of wallets ($5) = $13.

You can email your order to me at or PREFERABLY come by Xicali Imports at 7824 North Loop between 1 and 6pm weekdays and you can personalize the photos exactly as you want them and recieve them within two days! Further, I can take an order as long as these photos are up in this gallery (I normally keep gallerys for about a year).

There are no pre-pay packages. Order only when you are ready to pay. I only take my payment when you recieve, and are happy, with your order.
Custom Sample, Custom make the photo YOU want.Team PhotoCropped/Close up