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Welcome to Jazmin’s Quinceanera Gallery. It will take me a few days to edit and post most of the photos I took. Only the family and those who come down to visit me in my shop inside Xicali Imports (7824 N. Loop) will be able to see all the photos and see their edits done (please email for an appointment to ensure that I will be there when you come).

Any photo in this gallery and on this website can be reprinted, edited and blown up from a wallet size to a 20”x30” poster (Jazmin’s framed poster at the hall is a 16”x20” medium poster).

If you would like to order directly from me, drop me an email by clicking on the “Contact” button and providing me with the # of the photo(s), size you’d like them in, and any edits you’d like done to the photo. Or, again, come down to visit me at Xicali Imports.

If you are out of town, you can click on “Buy” to order directly from the website. I have no control over these orders. If you would like a particular edit, click on “Contact” to send me your request. I will post the photo and you can purchase it online afterward.

Through me, you may purchase prints for the following prices:
10 wallets = $5 (of the same photo)
5x7”= $5
16x20” =$30
20x30”= $70

Photos 1-59 are exclusively of Jazmin.

Thank you,
Ricky J. Carrasco