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Thank you for a cool evening. If you would like any of the photos in this gallery, you may buy them directly off this gallery, just press "buy".
If you would simply like prints of any of these, press contact (in the main page of this site) to email your order. Any of these photos can be into prints from wallet size to posters.
Price list:
10 wallets (of the same photo): $5
4x6: $4
5x7: $5
8x10: $10
16x20 poster: $30
16x20 collage poster (of up to 6 photos): $35
20x30 collage poster (up to 10 photos): $70

Any color "frame" can be placed on any photo (like the first photo) and anything can be written in script or block letters on any photo, no charge. Also, any of the photos can be made into a Christmas style photo
(at least 10 of a single photo at $2 each, of 25 or more of a photo at $1 each).

If you have any questions, let me know. This week will, of course, be busy, but any order should be fulfilled in a week or less and delivered.

Thank you, Rick