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This gallery will be used to show the best of my charitable photography, shoots where I've donated my services to a charity that needed professional level photos. So far, I have done four large events where a charity requires photographs for various purposes. Every person photographed signed a photo-release and are available through the the host charity.

Photographs are from: "Help Portrait 2012" and "2011", events hosted by the Opportunity Center for the Homeless. Tri-State Beauty College donates their haircut and makeover services while myself and others in the "Focus Ring Photography Group" shoot the resident's portraits, free of charge.

"Help Portrait- Reynolds House": Same as above, but at the Reynolds Ladies & Family Shelter. The shelter can house up to 15 families. Through a grant, the home will soon be expanding. Dorothy Truax has donated a family home and currently runs the shelter.

"Rebuild El Paso" is a non-profit project that rebuilds homes with elderly or indigent occupants. I photographed two homes for Gloria Hoyos, one of the board members for the charity.

"Operation No Gangs" is a non-profit project that seeks to get kids out of the gang life, or at least provide alternatives to gang life. Activities include everything from after school programs to tattoo removal services.

"Help Portrait: Reynolds Home, 2014"
There are a couple new projects for 2013 :)
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